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What's up, guys.

My name is Leroy and I have been playing Runescape for quite some time.

F2P pking is one of the many things I enjoy on this game.

And I'm really looking forward to starting another chapter in my clanning experience with you all here at Ambition.

I'm a nostalgic fool.. nothing more to say tbh


This format is optional, you can write your community hello in any way you want. 

Whats your IRL Name and RSN?
irl: Leroy rsn: 7eroys

Tell us a little about yourself?
Fuck bitches

Past clan History?  
Vanquish / WAR / Ascent / Lethal

Do you know anyone in Ambition? If so, who?
The Ascent bois

Do you plan on joining?
Hell yeah

Any additional comments?
Get Money

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my boy! welcome

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