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    sup my foe brother. welcome
  2. 1. RuneScape Display Name: Pk3ru 2. Provide an in-game screenshot of your account with your stats: 3. Timezone and Country: EST, USA 4. Do you have any clanning experience? If so, which clans have you been part of?: LPC- Outburst, FOE, Eop, Apex, surge XLPC-pop, outburst, devour, cd, ascent, rampage 5. Who are your referrals?: brock 6. Please provide a picture of what gear you would wear to a PK Trip below: 7. Please provide a picture of your gear tab and teleports below: it needs update but its a easy fix 8. Why do you want to join Ambition see whats up and to shit on nightmare and any clans that dare