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  1. Welcome to Ambition!
  2. Forums aren't full done yet.

    But you can start intro'ing.

  3. 1. RuneScape Display Name: 2. Provide an in-game screenshot of your account with your stats: 3. Timezone and Country: 4. Do you have any clanning experience? If so, which clans have you been part of?: (Do not leave out any clans, we will know if you're lying.) 5. Who are your referrals?: (Add how you know them and for how long you've known them.) 6. Please provide a picture of what gear you would wear to a PK Trip below: 7. Please provide a picture of your gear tab and teleports below: 8. Why do you want to join Ambition (No Bullshit):
  4. This format is optional, you can write your community hello in any way you want. Whats your IRL Name and RSN? - Tell us a little about yourself? - Past clan History? - Do you know anyone in Ambition? If so, who? - Do you plan on joining? - Any additional comments? -